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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For A 2 Year Old Baby Girl - Reviews

If you are looking for some Christmas gift ideas for your two year old baby girl, then you have arrived on the right page.  Below you will find a selection of Christmas gift/present ideas for two year old girls that I think your child will LOVE.

These toys are FUN to play with but they also encourage imaginative and creative play in small children as they role play and create stories about the toys they are playing with.   

Other toys on this page help promote the development of fine motor skills and learning different colors while having LOADS of FUN.  

Did you know that Amazon has a special page that lists the BEST toys for 2 year old girls?

Amazon releases one for Holiday toy gift ideas every year – lots of cute gift ideas for this age group and GREAT DEALS, too.

If your toddler enjoys playing with dolls then take a look at the Manhattan Toy Weebaby Stella Peachdoll.   This doll is part of the Manhattan Toy's multiple award-winning Baby Stella collection of soft nurturing dolls and accessories. 

The Manhattan Toy Company Weebaby Stella Peachdoll

The Manhattan Toy Company Weebaby Stella Peachdoll • $19.99

WeeBaby Stella Peachdoll is a perfect first baby doll or a baby girl.  Soft baby doll play fosters nurturing skills through role play. This Weebaby Stella Peachdoll is 12-inches in height and has the same life-like toes and belly button features as our regular 15-inch Baby Stella and comes with a magnetic pacifier.

This baby doll has a removable diaper and dress with a velcro-like closure for little ones to practice dressing their baby.  The facial features are embroidered and baby has a soft tuft of fleece hair.  

Weebaby Stella Peachdoll is the PERFECT doll for a toddler or preschooler. Here are some accessories to go with the Weebaby Stella Peachdoll from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Manhattan Toy Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack-up


Manhattan Toy Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack-up

This colorful wooden stacker includes magnetized connecting discs that allow for easy stacking. Stacker features a natural colored wooden base, five wooden stacking discs of varying colors and a bear face-shaped topper.

Your toddler will have FUN stacking the discs according to size from largest to smallest and learning colors as well.  

==>> Manhattan Toy Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack-up Found Here

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tea Set


The Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tea Set by Fisher Price comes with the following: 

* Includes two cups, stackable, three-layer cake and teapot 
* Smart Stages technology that changes learning content as baby grows 
* Three levels of play offer fresh songs, phrases, instrumentals for your little one's age and stage 
* Tilt the "magic" teapot and press teabag friend for tunes and sounds 
* Bat at the roly-poly teapot for wobble action 
* Volume control for quiet play 
* Helps promote manners and sharing 
* Teaches sharing, counting, manners, colors, greetings and more 
* Promotes imaginative play 
* Requires two AA batteries 
* For age 6 months to 3 years  

This toy gives parents the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child in terms of their development.  

Your toddler will have loads of FUN playing with this pretend play tea set while learning about sharing, manners, colors, greetings and more.

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag Pink - 80pc

The Mega Bloks First Builders comes with 80 different shapes and sizes of mega sized blocks that interlock together easily.  Your toddler will be able to use their imagination to create anything they can dream of.  

They can create a variety of different buildings, or all kinds of different animals and creatures.  This set of jumbo sized blocks features a variety of bright colors that will inspire your little one to build creatively while encouraging the development of their fine motor skills.

These blocks stack easily onto one another and they are the PERFECT size for little hands to handle.  They are also very EASY to keep clean which is an added bonus for parents.

Here are some more Mega Blok sets to consider getting for your child.

Another building block set that is sure to be a BIG hit with your toddler are these Kids Play City Blocks.  

Kids Play City Blocks


Kids Play City Blocks
Kids Play City blocks consists of 75 wooden blocks natural, painted & printed by hand. Retail packaged cardboard barrel with carrying handle. Ages 2 years plus.

There are all sorts of different structures that you can build with these colorful illustrated blocks.   

These blocks can also be sorted and matched according to different shapes.  



Bead Maze

This Bead Maze for toddlers features multi-shaped and brightly colored beads that swoop and slide along roller-coaster wires to encourage color and shape recognition and fine motor development. 

With a sturdy wooden base, this eye-catching activity maze will keep your toddler busy for hours while having FUN.  

This toy can also be used as a tool for teaching your child how to count and learning the different shapes that these beads come in.  

Here are some more Bead Mazes that I think your toddler would enjoy playing with.


Scholastic "Lift the Flap: First 100 Words" Board Book

This interactive "Lift the Flap: First 100 Words" Board Book for toddlers from Scholastic introduces a variety of words about tons of different topics, including pets, toys, and food. This book encourages your little one to learn and engage.

Great for introducing young children to all sorts of words and phrases.  This board book consists of 14 pages and is suitable for ages 1 to 3 year.   

Bed Bath & Beyond has lots of other books for toddlers to choose from.  You can see them all here.  

WheelyMOUSE, Small


WheelyMOUSE, Large
Buy kids' toys and games on Houzz

The award-winning WheelyMOUSE offers a fun, entertaining way to encourage gross motor skills and physical activity in small children. Designed with kids in mind, a low profile, easy-to-grip handle, and 360 casters enable children to hop on and off by themselves, and move and spin using their legs without ever getting stuck in a corner. 

By providing unlimited mobility and the ability to maneuver around obstacles, the wheelyMOUSE grows naturally with your child's physical development and will continue to engage for years.

-->> WheelyMOUSE, Small Found Here

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